GMFabrikations Gen3 Ford Everest bull bar

Posted September 5, 2019


Openpay is available on orders from $500 - $1,500.

GMFabrikations GEN3 platform design for the Ford Everest



Building on our already strong reputation for strong, quality made products. Our GEN3 platform design has the same visual characteristics as our previous design with a few extras. Our new bars look better and fit better than our previous 2 bar generations.

All GMFabrikations bars include the below:

-Built in high lift jack points
-Built in rated recovery points
-5inch LED “Driving” lights
-5mm Aluminum Bash plate
-Neater folds that blend into the vehicle body lines better than our previous designs.
-Mill slot centre for up down left right adjustment.
-Radius mill slot wings, for significantly more fitting adjustment then our previous design, giving a perfect fit regardless of how the vehicle has been made.
-Hoop option has 2 pre-welded tabs to mount spotlights

Bar Configuration options

Upper centre skin and hoop configuration option:

-STD Our standard option
-STD-H2T Our Standard with a hoop to mount spotlights
-SR20-H2T Our 20” built in lightbar with a hoop over the top to mount spotlights.
-SR30 Our unique 30” built in lightbar design.
-SR30-H2T Our 30” built in lightbar with a hoop over the top to mount spotlights.

additional options for the bar required when ordering:
Bar to suit:
4 park sensors $55 incl GST
Tech Pack $55 incl GST
Bar to suit 2″ EGR flares $99 incl GST

Price is including black powder coating
please contact for colour coding price and fitment price

* Everest models with 6x front park sensors and headlights washers are not currently available.

** Please note there will be a delay with Bolt on hoops. Customers that choose a front bumper with a hoop will receive the bar that they can install fully, and at a later date receive a bolt on hoop, which can easily be installed in under 5-10min.
Estimated delay time is about 8 weeks.

Quick Quote

1. My driveway is sealed with an even surface
2. There is reasonable vehicle access with height clearance.
3. I acknowledge the delivery is to the front door, carport, or closest practical delivery point as deemed by the driver.