GMFabrikations Gen3 Ford Ranger Mk3 bull bar

Posted September 5, 2019


Openpay is available on orders from $500 - $1,500.

GMFabrikations GEN3 platform design for the Ford Ranger MK3 ford ranger 2019+



Building on our already strong reputation for strong, quality made products. Our GEN3 platform design has the same visual characteristics as our previous design with a few extras. Our new bars look better and fit better than our previous 2 bar generations.

All GMFabrikations bars include the below:

-Built in high lift jack points
-Built in rated recovery points
-5inch LED “Driving” lights
-5mm Aluminum Bash plate
-Neater folds that blend into the vehicle body lines better than our previous designs.
-Mill slot centre for up down left right adjustment.
-Radius mill slot wings, for significantly more fitting adjustment then our previous design, giving a perfect fit regardless of how the vehicle has been made.
-Hoop option has 2 pre-welded tabs to mount spotlights

Bar Configuration options

Upper centre skin and hoop configuration option:

-STD Our standard option
-STD-H2T Our Standard with a hoop to mount spotlights
-SR20-H2T Our 20” built in lightbar with a hoop over the top to mount spotlights.
-SR30 Our unique 30” built in lightbar design.
-SR30-H2T Our 30” built in lightbar with a hoop over the top to mount spotlights.

additional options for the bar required when ordering:
Bar to suit:
6x park sensors $55 incl GST
MK3 Tech Pack $55 incl GST
Bar to suit 2″ EGR flares $99 incl GST

Price is including black powder coating
please contact for colour coding price and fitment price

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