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Nissan Patrol Raw4x4 nitromax suspension kit

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Front Shock Absorbers 41mm bore nitromax 2
Front Coil Springs – Up To 150kg LBA (PAIR) 50mm raised 1
Rear Shock Absorbers 41mm bore nitromax 2
Rear Coil Springs – 300KG – 500KG constant load (PAIR) 50mm raised 1

Nissan Patrol Raw4x4 nitromax suspension kit


As the big bore heavy duty shock absorber in the RAW 4×4 range, these shocks have been designed for heavy coil sprung and torsion bar vehicles by using proven truck shock absorber design with highly tuned valving designed for 4×4 applications. With a massive 70mm body and a nitrogen gas cell in the outer tube, RAW Nitro Max will significantly reduce shock absorber fade in the harshest conditions.

Features include:

  • Large 41mm bore size

  • Nitrogen gas cell to eliminate aeration inside the shock absorber

  • High temperature oil to maintain viscosity under hard working conditions

  • Multi lip Viton seal to retain oil at temperatures up to 240 degrees celsius

  • Polyurethane bushing

  • One piece eye rings & 360 degree welds on all fittings

  • Silicone dust boot

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