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Light Force Switch Fascia - Ford Everest & Ford Ranger PX MKll & MKlll

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This standard aftermarket switch is also compatible with the 200 Series Landcruiser and Prado 150.

Fascia finish is matte black, installation takes approximately 30 minutes (excluding accessories) and only requires a 7mm ring spanner and medium screwdriver as the surrounding panels simply pull off (a little force is required as each panel has at least 6 retaining clips).

The fascia relocates in the exact same mounting points as the original, so no additional fixtures or adhesives are required.

Light Force Switch Fascia - Ford Everest & Ford Ranger PX MKll & MKlll


Kit includes


  • 2 x CBSWB Switch blanks for Lightforce Fascia.
  • 1 x CBSWTY2 Lightforce Switch.


The 2 existing 12v outlets will need to be removed from the original fascia and refitted into the new fascia that incorporates the switches. This is where the medium screwdriver is required.

In addition to the switch blank and switch, our optional dual 2.4 and 3.0 amp USB charger is also compatible with this fascia. However, the USB charger will only fit in the centre position.

A single switch (CBSWTY2) and two switch blanks are provided with the fascia; the blanks have been designed to accommodate the REDARC® Tow-Pro™ remote brake controller. On the back of the blanks are two corresponding indents to aid in drilling the 2 required holes, extra blanks are available.

When fitting the Tow-Pro™ Classic and Elite V2 remote brake controller it is recommended purchasing the optional network cable (P#CBRJ45) as the cable supplied in the original kit will not fit due to space restrictions within the console.

The Elite V3 does not require the use of this network cable.


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