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4'' LED Light Cube MX85-SP / 12V / Spot Beam

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Four (4) high-performance LED working light reaches a distance of 110m at a 13.5 degree angle with a color temperature of 6000 Kelvin producing daylight lighting conditions. Dual lighting functions include the classic working light with up to 1250 lumen, and the other is a stylish X shape LED working. Polycarbonate lens, durable to withstand off-road conditions. Full LED high beam polarity protection automatically breaks the circuit in the event of over-voltage, which ensures a long lifespan. Equipped with an integrated driver and thermal management system, eliminating the risk of overheating. 12V compatibility for diverse requirements and vehicles from off-road to recreational and agricultural. Secures to your Roof Rack with 4” LED OSRAM Light Cube MX85-WD/MX85-SP Mounting Bracket – by Front Runner. Note: These powerful working lights are permitted only for off-road applications and must not be used on public roads.

4'' LED Light Cube MX85-SP / 12V / Spot Beam

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LED Light Cube MX85-SP / 12V / Spot Beam

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Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 118 × 133 × 103 cm


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