CLEARVIEW - Power Slide


Easy access to cold food and drinks with the press of a button!

Accessing your fridge has never been easier with the World’s first patented, aluminium, powered Fridge Slide!

The Clearview Power Slide® is a powered drop down fridge slide.
A drop-down fridge slide is a mechanism that allows you to easily slide your fridge or freezer in and out of your vehicle or outdoor kitchen setup. It is designed to securely hold and protect your fridge while providing easy access to your food and drinks. The “drop-down” part refers to the fact that the slide can be lowered to a lower level for easier access, and then raised back up to its original position for storage.

Designed from the ground up, the Clearview Power Slide’s design is lightweight and efficient.

Low Power Consumption
Power consumption is critical in any set up and the Power Slide’s low current draw makes it suitable for most existing battery setups.

When empty, the smallest Power Slide™ draws a max current of around 4.0 Amps during lowering, and 5.2 Amps during lifting. When loaded with 80kg, it draws a max current of 4.0Amps during lowering and 13.0 Amps during lifting. The largest Power Slide™ draws 3.1 Amps and 4.1 Amps respectively when empty and 3.1 Amps and 11.0 Amps respectively when loaded with 100kgs.

Lightweight Efficiency
A large, fully stocked fridge can be extremely heavy, requiring a Power Slide™ that can effectively function under its weight, without adding unnecessary additional weight to the overall vehicle set-up.

Weight/GVM is an important factor in any set-up, and the Clearview Power Slide’s aluminium extruded construction delivers the lightest slides available. Clearview Power Slide® models weigh between 29kg through to 38kg. 

With a load rating of 180kg, the lightweight Clearview Power Slide® is designed to smoothly lower and raise a fully loaded fridge. Its unique scissor lift design is supported on each side by synchronized, self-aligning actuators, ensuring that the fridge always remains perfectly level. Great for those of us who don’t like our cans and bottles pre-shaken!

How it works:

Simply unlock the travel lock mechanism, pull down on the yellow ergonomic slide quick-release runner levers and pull the fridge towards you to full extension.

Now the magic happens! Lower and raise your fridge with the press of a button for convenient access to its contents.


  • Tri Scissor Synchro-Lift Technology allows the fridge platform to be lifted and lowered exactly vertically, simultaneously by two actuators. This balanced power generated by a set of synchronized, self-aligning actuators ensures that the fridge always remains perfectly level.
  • Quick release double runners and heavy duty Travel Lock that is guaranteed not to rattle!
  • Innovative design with no exposed cables and 15-amp Anderson Plug power supply as standard
  • 180Kg load rating to support a fully loaded fridge or pantry
  • Smoothly lowers the fridge up to 290mm
  • The PS-XL is engineered to suit most large fridges including and up to the ARB 96L, DOMETIC & WAECO 95L, MYCOOLMAN 85L, 96L, 105L, EvaKool, Giant 80L, Kickass 95L, Kings 75L, and Rydge Rider 72L.
  • Easy Operation and Installation with self-aligning Actuators