CLEARVIEW® Travel Pantry


The Clearview® Pantry

A “must-have” when camping, the Clearview® kitchen pantry and tray makes life so much easier for storage and space while on the road.

The Clearview® Pantry slide out kitchen features a clever, compact, fold-out design with modular components to maximise space inside your 4WD, canopy or camper trailer.

With its three work platforms, the Clearview® Pantry slide out camp kitchen features all removable parts for easy maintenance and upkeep. 


  • 74L of storage
  • Weighs only 18Kg with its powder coated aluminium body and lid
  • Comes fully assembled and includes 9L collapsible silicone sink

It’s unique, well-thought-out design makes it a breeze to store your items and access extra platform space to prepare a quick meal or snacks!

*Easy Slide not included with camping pantry
** Pantry compatible with the ES-100 PLUS Easy Slide. See Size Guide for more information


We have updated our original design to offer 3 work platforms as opposed to the previous design with two work platforms and a sink platform. The collapsible sink is still included for use on any of the work platforms. 


Clearview® Pantry Features

Clearview pantry dimensions


A. 345MM (W) X 570MM (L)

B. 350MM (W) X 529MM (L)

C. 350MM (W) X 450MM (L)


Compact Design

Lockable lid and front access door with keyed alike locks. 

Clearview Pantry

Maximise Space

Dual access to the 74L of storage volume via front access door and top access opening.

Clearview Pantry

Slide Out Camp Kitchen

Store your items and access extra platform space to prepare a quick meal or snacks!

Camping Pantry

The Clearview Pantry is designed to be installed internally within a canopy, vehicle, or trailer. Constant exposure to the elements can cause rust or corrosion to certain components.

Regular routine maintenance will help to ensure continued smooth operation of your Clearview Pantry!

  • Keep the slide runners, tray and bearings free from dirt and grit
  • Clean your Clearview Pantry regularly, wiping the work platforms down with a clean, damp cloth to remove any dirt or grit.
  • Avoid any waxy lubricants and WD-40 as they can attract dirt and grit.