HSP Roll Top Load Bars - Wide Width


Okay, Back To The Load Bar

The name says it all, a bar to take extra load, simple enough really. However just like a good onion or Shrek, if you peel back the layers you may start falling in love. Now before you start writing a love letter, scroll down to find out more about Australia’s favourite roll-top cross bar rack.


Full Metal Frame

We once read a quote that stated “A solid foundation is the key to success”. We took that quite literally and moved away from the plastic bottoms. The HSP Load Bar has a full metal frame meaning that your precious cargo *cough cough* beers on the esky *cough* are resting on a solid foundation. 

Cross Bars – Tested

Technically, our testing data has shown us our load-carrying capacity to sit at 80kg.  However, like you, we love to break smash and crash things, so we decided to do a crash test. Details coming soon!

Compatible with most major accessories

At HSP we believe that we make the world’s best roll tops, hard lids, and tub accessories but in saying that, we also must give credit when credit is due… That’s why our Load bar has a common channel that allows you to use accessories compatible with awesome roll top roof rack manufacturers such as Rhino-Rack, Thule, and Yakima. For more information on what other accessories the HSP roll-top cross bar rack is compatible with please click here.

Simple Installation and Roll R Cover specific design

The Load Bar is designed specifically to suit the HSP Roll R Cover. Which means installation is as simple as can be. All you do is slide the assembled roll top cross bar rack into the HSP Roll R Cover T channel and away you go. Additionally, the product-specific design perfectly compliments the Roll R Cover… (not that you need anymore 😉)