Isuzu DMAX EFS elite suspension kit

$1,635.00 $1,798.00

An EFS Suspension kit is a complete integrated suspension package of springs, shocks, bushes and ubolts that work together to give quality on-road handling characteristics and greater off road ability. Optional upgrades to spring rates, assembled struts & greasable shackles.

This high quality suspension will lift your vehicle approximately 45mm and has been developed to combat Australia's harsh off road conditions.

Package includes:
- Front EFS Elite Series Struts
- Front Raised Coils
- Rear EFS Elite Series Shocks
- Rear Raised Leaf Springs
- Rear Spring Bushes
- Rear Spring Ubolts
Suitable for the Isuzu Dmax 4x4 model manufactured from 2012 onwards. Optional front & rear spring rates available