Lightforce Switch Fascia to suit Holden Colorado and Isuzu D-Max/MU-X

$122.00 $135.00

Lightforce Replacement Switch Fascia suitable for the Holden Colorado 2012 onwards

and Isuzu DMAX / MUX 2012 - 2020

(2012 - 2016 models will require additional switches for Traction Control and Down Hill Descent)

For owners of the Holden Trailblazer wanting to fit a Lightforce Switch Fascia (CBFASCIA2) a replacement A/C switch and harness has been designed to allow for an easy to install, plug and play solution. The harness connects directly to the OEM A/C connector of the vehicle, so no splicing into the vehicle’s electrical system is required.

For owners of pre-facelift Holden Colorado’s (2012-2016) we have designed replacement Traction Control and Down Hill Decent switches with a plug and play harness that fits directly into the existing OEM connectors. 

The fascia is a direct replacement panel, with zero modification to the existing surrounding console, enhancing the OEM look of the vehicle. It will accommodate 5 standard OEM style switches or 3 OEM style switches when the existing heater switches are utilised (Z71 model).

Fascia Includes:

  • 2 x CBSWB Switch blanks for Lightforce Fascia.
  • 1 x CBSWTY2 Lightforce Switch.