Mazda BT50 Raw4x4 nitromax supension kit 2011+


4x4 Nitro Max is the heavy weight contender of our shock absorber range. Specifically designed for coil sprung and torsion bar vehicles, Nitro Max uses a proven truck shock absorber design with highly tuned valving for 4 x 4 applications.
With a massive 70 mm twin tube body featuring and a nitrogen gas cell in the outer tube, RAW 4x4 Nitro Max will significantly reduce the effects of shock absorber fade on the most punishing of corrugated dirt roads.

Raw4x4 nitro maxFront Shock Absorbers 2
Front Coil Springs - Up To 120kg LBA (PAIR) 1
Raw Nitro Max Rear Shock Absorbers 2
Rear Leaf Springs - 200kg - 400kg LBA 2
U-Bolts 4
Greasable Shackles 2
Shackle Bushes 3