Mean Mother Pocket Chainsaw


This pocket-sized chainsaw might look like a toy; cute even. Well, think of this as the meanest Jack Russell terrier on your street – and we all know those little dogs can pack a mean punch. We found ourselves with the need to use this pocket chainsaw on a trip recently, when we underestimated how much firewood we would need for a very chilly overnight camp. While a petrol or electric chainsaw would do the job much easier, we were genuinely surprised that this little beast (a) actually worked, and (b) was much easier to use than we thought. Considering they are cheap, light and easy to store… well, you would be mad to not have one packed in your tool kit. A gym membership costs about $15 a week; this gadget will pay for itself in just over two weeks if you cancel the gym sessions. You can still get a great cardio workout while preparing useful firewood without having to wear that awful Activewear stuff while some ‘dude’ called ‘Snake’ yells at you to climb a rope. Forget that noise; just buy a Pocket Chain Saw from Mean Mother.
Perfect for clearing a path by removing low hanging branches, cutting up wood for a campfire, or clearing a wooden obstacle that is across a track – This is a must have inclusion for any travel kit.
Features a cutting blade at every drive link.
Carbon steel chain saw blades.
Durable polyester webbing handles.
Storage pouch.