MSA 4X4 Toyota Landcruiser LC70-LC79 (1984 -current) Black electric Towing Mirrors with indicators + Switch kit


MSA 4X4’s Towing Mirrors feature a large single mirror that pivots on an extremely heavy-duty extension slide, that allows the mirror to be returned to its normal “non-towing” position, to avoid the extended mirrors permanently protruding way off the sides of the vehicle!
Our new MSA 4X4 Towing Mirrors were designed specifically so that, when not towing, they still look proportionate to the size and styling of the vehicle.
Four Mirror Positions of MSA 4X4 Towing Mirrors


  • Can be adjusted to suit the viewing angle and preferences of any driver. Vertical and horizontal adjustment caters to drivers of differing height and seated positions

  • Simple to fit. MSA 4X4’s Towing Mirrors mount onto your vehicle door in the same position as your existing mirrors

  • Large, single mirror allows you to see your caravan/trailer sides without being confusing for everyday driving

  • Slightly curved glass for even more vision, but not too curved that its distracting

  • Unique pivot design allows the mirrors to maintain normal everyday position dimensions, whilst allowing for easy further extension

  • Designed for towing caravans, camper trailers, trailers, boats and horse floats

  • Available to suit a growing range of tray backs and towing vehicles

Prices include GST, but excludes freight