The Nebula is DARCHE®’s one of a kind freestanding hybrid that combines the space and comfort of a tent with the convenience and sturdiness of a single skin canvas swag. This is the ultimate kit for campers who want king-sized comfort in their swag setup.  Don’t be fooled by the size of this swag, you’ll be sitting around the fire in no time with an easy set up that takes only a couple of minutes.

The included flysheet is ideal for all weather conditions and can even be used as an awning for extra protection when you step out during those cold and rainy mornings (awning poles sold separately).  The huge doors on all four sides of the Nebula provide terrific cross ventilation as well as 360˚ views -  you can wake up to incredible views in every location on your next off-road adventure. All doors include dual-zippered canvas and super-fine mesh, keeping you cool in the heat and ensuring you’re well protected from the mozzies all year round.  The Nebula swag is made from premium 420gsm ripstop polycotton canvas with an impressive PU 800mm waterhead rating. There’s also internal seam sealing and a reinforced, heavy-duty 600gsm PVC bucket floor to keep you dry in those rainy conditions.  This swag includes a premium quality, high-density 50mm foam mattress with a removable cover, making for an easy clean up at the end of a long trip. The canvas swag bag provided is perfect for storage and protection while you’re on the go - throw it in the back of the ute or on the roof rack and get on the road.