Offroad Animal Ford Ranger PX Toro Bar 2011+


Offroad Animal Ford Ranger PX Toro Bar 2011+
You bought a nice Ranger.  It looks cool.  I mean best looking Ute out right, but can it look even cooler.  Hell yes.  The Offroad Animal Front bar is the answer.  Don't settle for the same old Vanilla bull bars offered by the rest.  Get something that not only looks the best by has awesome features.  Show your wild and fun side.

  • Looks.  Yep this bad boy looks great and will give your Ranger that Super aggressive look

  • Smaller bar means it weighs less so your Ranger can still be fast

  • Better Airflow than the rest to keep your motor cool too.

  • Easy fitment of bar and winch

  • Winch can be fitted after bar is fitted so,  yeah, nice

  • Winch mounts feet down, (actually how most winches were designed,)

  • Can have LED light bar fit inside bar for super stealth cool look (up to 22" LED single row)

  • Cover plate included if you don't want to have light bar set into bull bar


  • ADR compliant

  • Airbag compatible

  • Bumper replacement, with no cutting of bumper.  Px2 customers need to cut grill, PX3 no cutting unless you have Wild track, or run winch with tall integrated control pack (ie Warn Zeon)

  • Welded one piece bar with welded wing supports for super toughness

  • Only sits 150-160mm out from front of grill. Compare that to our standard 3 letter competitors

  • Zinc plated then powder coated Matte black

  • Hi lift jacking points included

  • Suits most low mount winches including Warn Zeon

  • Works with Tech pack on PX2 and PX3 Rangers including Parking sensors

  • Works with factory fog lights or easily mount 2 Cube lights (per wing) or up to an 8" LED light bar in each wing. PX2 Wildtrack owners will need new LED fog lights.  We suggest these Stedi LED fog lights

  • Number plate flip included for those running a winch

  • Can be colour coded to vehicle

  • Optional 24mm steel tow hooks

While the bumper takes most single row led light bars (we suggest the Offroad Animal 22" LED light bar)
If you do not wish to run a light bar make sure you tick the option for a cover plate
Included in box

  • 1 x Front bar weldment

  • 1 x LH chassis impact bracket

  • 1 x RH chassis impact bracket

  • 1 x mesh fairlead mount

  • 1 x Mesh infill LH

  • 1 x Mesh infill RH

  • 1x ACC support bracket (PX3 only)

  • 1 x Light cover Mesh LH

  • 1 x Light cover Mesh RH

  • 1 x fog lamp bracket LH

  • 1 x fog lamp bracket RH

  • 1 x head light infill LH

  • 1 x head light infill RH

  • 1 x centre bash plate

  • 1 x under wing panel LH

  • 1 x under wing panel RH

  • 1 x Chassis bracket gusset LH

  • 1 x Chassis bracket gusset RH

  • 1 x winch control box bracket

  • 1 x number plate flip

  • A butt load of nuts and bolts to make it all sit nice and pretty

PX1 version suits Rangers 2011-20147, PX2 version suits Rangers 2015-2018, PX3 version suits Rangers 2019 on