Offroad Animal JK wrangler Bullbar


Looks good right. Hell yeah it does. Offroad Animal JK Wrangler Bullbar features Super aggressive angles and full coverage, nice! Oh and Compliant for Aussie roads, even better. Get rid of that ugly silly park bench on your JK Wrangler and fit this cool bar.


  • Looks. Yep this bad boy looks great and will give your Jeep that super aggressive look
  • Smaller bar means it weighs less so your Jeep can still be fast
  • Slim build with winch set in bar for better airflow
  • Easy fitment of bar and winch
  • Winch can be fitted after bar is fitted so, yeah, nice
  • Winch mounts feet down, (actually how most winches were designed,)
  • Run up to 39" tyres and not contact bar due to us designers being smart. ;)
  • Cover plate optional if you don't want to run a winch
  • Featuring classic style round top hoop
  • 20mm steel tow hooks welded on as standard