Oztent Rivergum self inflating mattress


A Very Comfortable Sleep
The Rivergum Self Inflating Mattress' excellent insulation is a result of combining open cell foam, air-tight vinyl, and velour backing. The open cell foam sucks in air when the valves are open and before you know it you have a thick, comfortable mattress to sleep on. They fit perfectly in all of our tents and even fit on the top of stretchers.


  • Insulation loss prevention with CFC-FREE, extra-thick open-cell foam
  • Slip resistance with our airproof and waterproof non-slip fabric
  • Automatic rapid inflation
  • Pliable foam core won’t become brittle or stiff in extremely low temperatures
  • 12cm thickness for extra comfort
  • Unique construction which means you don’t have welded seams on the corners


  • Inflated Size (cm): 195 (l) x 76 (w) x 12 (h)
  • Packed Size (cm): 94 (l) x 33 (Diameter)
  • Weight: 5kg