With portability in mind the PB-100 has been designed as a complete 12v dual battery solution.

With the importance of payload in modern vehicles and the desire for customers to go further off the beaten track the PB-100 is the perfect platform for customers looking to power a 12v fridge, electronic devices and small 12v equipment. The PB-100 is coupled with a Redarc 1225D charging platform along with a Powertech 100ah lithium battery offering over 1500 battery cycles and up to 50amps continues current draw.

The PB-100 offers complete portability weighing only 17kg and dimensions of 199mm wide x 474mm deep x 324mm high, it’s designed to be thrown into a mate’s car on that once-a-year epic 4×4 trip when your sitting in the passenger seat or throw it into the boat for a day on the beach or fishing to keep those ever important beers cold while wetting a line.

The range of accessories available for the Power Box range including mounting trays and wiring harness make it easy to change from each mode of transport. Install a harness in the wife’s car for those long days at the sporting oval watching the kids play sport to keep the fruit and drinks cold or throw it in the boat for a day out on the water.

The PB-100 truly is a versatile 12v system with power at your fingertips.


Features & Inclusions

  • 100ah Powertech lithium battery
  • Redarc 1225D – DC to DC charger with solar input
  • Battery monitoring system
  • 200amp main isolator
  • Solar Input – 50 amp anderson plug
  • Vehicle Input - 50 amp anderson plug
  • 1 x 12v power supply - 50 amp anderson plug
  • 2 x 12v socket outlet
  • 4 x USB charging ports
  • 4 x Fuse less resettable circuit protection
  • Custom front switch fascia with 6 colours to choose from
  • Anti slip SeaDek to top storage area
  • Mounting tray compatible
  • Charge cable kit compatible

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