Quick Release Tent Mount Kit


Frontrunner Quick Release roof top tent mount kit TBMK011.

Once these brackets are installed on a Front Runner Rack, no tools are needed to remove or install a roof top tent. Simply release the safety catch on the 4 latches and lift the tent away in seconds. No more wrenching in tight spaces. This strong and rattle free mounting system is built off-road tough for use with Front Runner Racks.
Works with the Roof Top Tent - by Front Runner and other popular soft shell tent brands like TJM, ARB, Tepui, etc. Works with hard shell tents such as Autohome/Maggionlina, and James Baroud.

Hard shell tent owners please read *IMPORTANT NOTE below.
4 low profile latching brackets bolt to a Front Runner Rack, and 4 self-aligning guide bolts secure to the tent base channels using the supplied nut plates (3 sets of nut plates to work with popular tent channels included) Secures in place with 4 latches with safety catches. For added peace of mind, lock your latches in place using Rack Accessory Lock / Small - by Front Runner.

Tents can be mounted at two different heights, depending on clearance needs. The bottom of the tent can sit either 40mm / 1.57 inches or 17mm / 1 inch above the rack slats. Certain tent sizes and designs will dictate the height needed to clear the edge of the Front Runner Rack.

The brackets are small, unobtrusive and can be left on the roof rack when the tent is not mounted, leaving vast rack space available No tent modification required. Removed tents can be stored on the ground, raised slightly off the floor with the stainless steel bobbins. Supplied with all required mounting hardware. Fitting instructions are included.
*IMPORTANT NOTE: Hard shell tents need additional support. If you are using these brackets with hard shell tents, such as James Baroud or Autohome, and you are unable to position the tent to rest directly on the rack, or the edges of the rack side profiles, use Hard Shell Tent Support Channels - by Front Runner. Depending on the tent manufacturer, your hard shell tent warranty may be voided if your tent becomes damaged and you did not provide proper lateral support for the hard shell tent