Raw4x4 Great Wall V240 nitromax suspension kit


Raw4x4 Great Wall V240 Nitromax suspension kit
The RAW Nitro Max range is the heavy weight contender of shock absorbers, specifically designed for heavy coil spring and torsion bar vehicles. Nitro Max shocks use a proven truck shock absorber design with highly tuned valving for 4WD applications carrying heavy loads and travel demanding terrain. Recommend for vehicles used in mining, long distant touring and heavy duty applications.
A RAW 4x4 suspension not only allows you to fit bigger tyres for increased ground clearance, it will improve the overall feel off your vehicle giving you confidence to take your off road adventures to the next level.

1. Enhanced load carrying ability.
2. Improved off road articulation.
3. Increased comfort and control.
Fits: Great Wall V240 ( Torsion Bar Front / Leaf Spring Rear )
Base Kit includes:
* Torsion Bar (TB1550)- x1 Pair
* Rear Leaf Springs (RL886) (Medium Load - 0-200kg rating) - x1 Pair
* Leaf Spring Fitment Kit (BSK1004)
* Front Shocks Nitro Max (NM608) - x1 Pair
* Rear Shocks Nitro Max (NM626) - x1 Pair