Superior Nitro Gas Hyperflex 3 Inch Lift Kit Suitable For Nissan Patrol GU 2000 on Wagon


Superior Engineering has put together a top of the range hyperflex suspension kit to lift your GU 2000 on Wagon Nissan Patrol 3 inches.
This kit is the best of everything, you will not need to buy any other parts with this kit.
The lift kit includes the following accessories:
1 x Superior Hyperflex Radius Arms (Lifetime Warranty against Bending)
2 x Superior Front Superior Coil Springs
2 x Superior Rear Superior Coil Springs
2 x Superior Engineering Front Nitro Gas Shocks
2 x Superior Engineering Rear Nitro Gas Shocks
1 x Superior Steering Damper
1 x Superior Front Panhard rod
1 x Superior Rear Panhard rod
1 x Superior Upper Control Arms(pair)
1 x Superior Heim Draglink
1 x Superior Front Shock Tower Lift Kit
1 x Superior Rear Bump Stop Extension Kit
2 x Superior Front Bump Extensions
2 x Superior Drop Out Cones
2 x Superior Coil Retainers
1 x Superior Brake Proportioning Valve
1 x Diff Breather Hose
1 x Front Brake line
1 x Rear Brake line
we will contact you upon receiving the order to discuss coil rates.