Stay organised wherever you go with the Traka Versatile table. This lightweight aluminium top folding table is perfect for preparing outdoor meals and will be sturdy and durable enough to support you through your quick fix and hands-on tasks. On your next adventure, why take one table when you can take three tables in one!

This multi-purpose table adjusts to 3 heights, so great to use as a small side table, a meal table or a food preparation table. At its highest setting, even perfect as a bar table for drinks with friends! We've also included a side mesh basket and hanging hooks for added storage.

This table is lightweight, so you can easily haul it to and from the campsite. It's also compact and easy to store as the legs fold up under themselves to minimise bulk. It's also a breeze to clean as the smooth surface means there are no grooves for food or dirt to get stuck in.

This table has impact-resistant edges that can take a beating, so it's perfect for serious outdoor enthusiasts and packs down into a convenient carry bag for transit and storage.