UTEMASTER Aluminium Canopies


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What is the Utemaster Centurion Canopy?

Traditionally, Ute Canopies are constructed with fibreglass or ABS plastic. The Utemaster Centurion Canopy is constructed with Aluminium which gives it greater strength. It has a dynamic load rating of 200kg and a static load rating of 600kg.

Because it is so strong, we can maximise access through full-width doors without compromising on the structural integrity of the canopy. 

This product focuses on three key features: Access, Strength & Security. 

The most accessible canopy in the world

Finding it hard to reach your tools and equipment through small canopy windows?

Wasting time and feel frustrated when trying to access your gear? 

The Utemaster Centurion Canopy features full-width doors that give you access to your gear the whole way down each side. There is no obstruction along the top edge of your tub meaning you can easily reach over and pull your gear out through the side door opening.

Superior Weatherproofing

We were recently asked: “What are they like keeping the rain out when open ???? the worst part of my canopy is all the water tracks straight inside with wings open…”

That's so frustrating! We can only imagine how many tradespeople and recreationists out their struggle with this over the winter periods. Not only does it damage your gear inside, but it also delays progress on a job site.


Losing your tools and equipment due to a break-in is not only lost money - this can also have an impact on the time and productivity of the job you are working on. Concealed security latches mean each door is locked on both sides, making it hard to pry open.

Locking Mechanism

It's the details that make all the difference in creating a productive Ute setup...

...The Centurion Canopy™ doors now feature newly designed lock catches.

The catches provide a quieter opening/closing action along with additional security. They are also easier to adjust so you can get to your gear with ease, every time! 

Optional Central Locking Accessory

The Central Locking Kit allows you to lock your Ute Canopy with the factory Vehicle Remote. 

Please note: Your Canopy can be locked manually using the supplied key. The Central Locking is an optional upgrade accessory.

Dog Vent Kit

There's nothing a dog loves more than heading out for an adventure. We've designed a Dog Vent Kit for the Centurion Canopy so you can take your best friend with you, wherever you go!

Super Customisable 

With a fibreglass Canopy it is hard to mount accessories such as spotlights, roof trays or anything that requires drilling. This can compromise the water tightness and weaken the construction. 

With the Utemaster Centurion Canopy you can easily retrofit any accessory to the body without having to worry about the structural integrity, allowing you to fully customise your setup. 

Cantilever Roof Rack

The Cantilever Rack is an optional heavy-duty rack that extends over the cab of your Ute without requiring any direct mounting points to the cab.

All utes are designed to flex in between the tub and the cab. This can be problematic for roof racks that are mounted to both the cab and the canopy because it can cause damage while the flex occurs.

The Cantilever Roof Rack has a dynamic load rating of 200kgs and a static load rating of 600kgs. The dynamic load rating refers to the amount of load you can safely carry at open road speeds, whereas static load rating refers to the amount of weight you can put on the rack when the Ute is parked (For example, a Roof Top Tent with people inside).

AU Design Registration 201917366

Optional Rear Ladder Roller

Struggling to lift a kayak, ladder or trade material onto the roof of your vehicle? 

The Rear Ladder Roller is an optional accessory that fits between each side of the Cantilever Roof Rack.

This makes it easier to slide heavy objects onto the rack from the rear of the vehicle.


No permanent fixtures

The Centurion Aluminium Canopy is fixed to the tub using existing factory mounting holes. This means you don't need to drill any new holes to fit the canopy and if you decide to transfer the canopy from one vehicle to the next there is no damage to the tub of your ute.

Three Year Warranty

Utemaster Ute Accessories are the toughest on the market - which is why we back our hard lids and canopies with a three-year warranty.