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What is the Load-Lid?

The Load-Lid is a hard lid made completely from aluminium so it’s super strong, yet still lightweight.

Being made from aluminium means it can support a load on top of up to 200kgs Dynamic and 400kgs Static rating, which means you can carry twice as much gear because anything that's too big to fit under the lid can be carried on top of the hard-wearing aluminium surface.

Why is the Load-Lid so strong?

Although from the exterior it looks like a simple product, the Load-Lid incorporates up to 7m of internal bracing and heavy-duty hardware to achieve its dynamic load rating of 200kgs and a static load rating of 400kgs. The dynamic load rating refers to the amount of load you can safely carry at open road speeds using genuine Utemaster tie-down accessories. Whereas static load rating refers to the amount of weight you can put on the lid when the Ute is parked (For example, a Roof Top Tent with people inside).

All load ratings issued by Utemaster are tested to Australian Roof Rack standards and have been through extensive real-life testing.

Why Aluminium?

Aluminium is a superior construction material due to its anti-rust properties and its very high strength-to-weight ratio. The Load-Lid is constructed from Aluminium so it can achieve its 200kg load rating and provide long-term durability while only weighing approximately 50kgs.

Opening the Load-Lid™ 

The Load-Lid™ is supplied with gas stays which are at the optimum pressure for everyday use and are designed to help you open and close the lid.

Most owners use their Load-Lid™ to transport heavier gear from A-B. However, if you plan to have a load on top of the lid permanently (such as a Roof Top Tent) we recommend you refer to the FAQs below for instructions on how to access the Tub without lifting the lid.

Can I open the tailgate?

Underneath the Load-Lid™ handle, there is a locking plate that is designed to prevent the tailgate from being opened when the Load-Lid™ is shut.

This comes standard on the Load-Lid™ because many modern Ute's do not come with a central locking tailgate, it helps to make your tub more secure. 

If you already have a central locking tailgate and do not require this plate, it can be removed for easier access to the tub. 

How secure is the Load-Lid?

Due to its tough construction, the Load-Lid is extremely hard to break into. Coupled with a slam locking system which locks on both sides, heavy-duty hardware and a patented single-handed opening operation the Load-Lid is very secure.

Can I lock it with my vehicle remote?

The Load-Lid Central Locking upgrade kit allows you to lock your lid with the factory vehicle remote. The Central Locking kit comes complete with a plug and play loom.

Please note: Your lid can still be locked manually using the supplied key.

But will it handle a tradie using it?

If anyone can break something it’s a tradie! That’s why the Load-Lid is designed with tradies front of mind. That way it’s tough enough for any application!

A tradie will throw a cement bag and wheelbarrow on top and a four-wheel driver will throw firewood and swags on there.

How hard wearing is the surface?

You can put a load directly onto the aluminium treadplate surface. Aluminium is very hard wearing and the Load-Lid™ comes standard coated in a teflon-based matte black powdercoat. Some companies claim their roller covers or plastic lids have a load rating, but be aware that just because someone can stand on it while the vehicle is parked doesn’t mean it can carry a load.

What can I fit under the lid?

With the Load-Lid™ there are no intrusions below the top edge of your tub. The unique raised edge profile also adds a staunch appearance, improves rigidity and reduces water pooling. The easiest way to work out what will fit under the Load-Lid (for example a fridge) is to measure from the bottom of the tub to the top edge of the tub.

Water Displacement

A complete automotive bulb seal provides a positive seal against the top of your tub. When the Load-Lid™ is opened water runs off the back of your lid and onto the ground - not into your tub, protecting the tools and equipment you have in your tub.

How does a sports bar Load-Lid seal?

The full-length rain channel is an innovative feature developed to ensure your gear stays dry even when hitting the Sports Bar Lid at high speeds.

The channels re-direct the water hitting the front of the Load-Lid™ along the sides and off the back - Keeping your gear dry. Even though the design is more complex and there are more parts to it  

Can I take it off easily?

If you can't fit your load on top, the Load-Lid™ can easily be removed by undoing the 4x wing bolts which hold it in place.

It can be done in a matter of minutes and all you'll need is a mate or two to help lift it off.

This gives you the space you'll need to carry objects such as a dirt bike in your tub. Please note removal process varies from model to model, however it is still super easy.

Three Year Warranty

Utemaster Ute Accessories are the toughest on the market - which is why we back our hard lids and canopies with a three-year warranty.